If you’ve recently been diagnosed with MS, then make sure you have a list of MS questions for your doctor to answer. Even the most basic Multiple Sclerosis questions can provide you with the peace of mind you need. Worrying about the future will only cause more stress and prevent you from enjoying time with family and friends. Keep a piece of paper handy for jotting down questions whenever you think of them. There’s no question that isn’t important. If you are concerned about a particular aspect of MS, then be sure to pose this concern to your doctor right away.

Some of the first questions you might want to ask should be about symptoms, medications, or what to expect in the future with Multiple Sclerosis. Knowing what symptoms are normal and which ones should cause concern will prevent you from putting off a doctor’s visit that should otherwise be scheduled immediately.

As for medications, various prescription drugs are used to treat different aspects of MS, such as symptoms, attacks, or to help alter the course of the disease. It’s wise to find out which medications do what and to gather a list of side effects for each one you are prescribed. When it comes to finding out about your future with Multiple Sclerosis, understanding how your body and lifestyle will most likely change over time eliminates a lot of the shock and frustration MS can cause.


Write Down your Multiple Sclerosis Questions and Answers


Here are some Multiple Sclerosis questions you might wish to ask your doctor. Once you’ve written or typed these onto a sheet of paper, be sure to jot down the answers your doctor provides, next to each question. Each of these questions is geared towards someone who has only recently been diagnosed with MS.

Q: Have you ruled out all other types of illnesses to make sure it’s truly MS?

Q: How severe can be symptoms become?

Q: At what stage is this disease?

Q: What signs and symptoms prove the medication is actually working?

Q: Can symptoms be eased without medication?

Q: What causes relapses?

Q: Should there be any daily routine changes?

Q: What side effects to the medication should raise concerns?

Q: Where’s the nearest support group for people with MS?

Q: At what point should a visit to the doctor’s be mandatory?

Getting answers to any or all of these MS Questions will put your mind at ease and help you to be more prepared for what this disease can create. This short list of Multiple Sclerosis questions is only a sample. It’s best to continue this list and add as many of your own as possible.