Certain symptoms of MS affect the mobility of a person and that’s where MS products come in handy. Multiple Sclerosis products can give MS patients a bit more freedom. Muscle weakness, a loss of balance, sudden paralysis, or a lack of coordination are just some of the ways Multiple Sclerosis robs a person of the ability to function without assistance. Walkers allow MS patients to have a bit more mobility without needing to rely solely on a wheelchair. Seats and chairs for the shower or bathtub make bathing alone less of a challenge. Adjustable beds, foam padding, and therapeutic mattresses are all available to make sleeping more comfortable.

These external devices allow an MS patient to continue to be self-sufficient at various stages of Multiple Sclerosis. Additional products enable people with MS to maintain their strength, such as with an endless pool. These miniature pools are just large enough for one person to swim comfortably in, yet small enough that they can easily be placed indoors in a small enclosure. These have a continuous flow of water that allows the person to swim in place. They are not only an excellent form of exercise, but they keep MS patients cool too.

Cooling Products for MS Patients


The symptoms of MS are exacerbated by heat, but an assortment of cooling products can help someone with MS keep a constant body temperature. Cooling vests can be simply a vest with pockets for placing ice packs in or they can be of a more fancy variety that uses batteries to operate the cooling system on the vest. Both types of cooling vest cover the torso to prevent overheating.

Vests that use the method of evaporation for cooling are best used in climates where the humidity levels are low. However, an evaporation vest won’t lower the body’s temperature; it will only absorb heat from the surrounding area. Chemical vests will absorb heat that is higher than 82 degrees and will do so for around 4 hours. Once this time frame has expired, the vest will need to be recharged by being placed in a room that is less than 82 degrees.

Cooling an outdoor environment can be achieved with misting fans. These can lower the surrounding temp by as much as 20 degrees. This is just one of the many excellent MS products for outdoor enthusiasts who battle MS. In areas with high humidity, the temperature won’t be lowered as far as it would be without the presence of humidity. Additional Multiple Sclerosis products include special hats and neckbands designed to have a cooling effect.


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