Surprisingly, an MS vitamin could already be found in most people’s cabinets. A number of basic daily supplements are excellent for MS patients. When choosing a Multiple Sclerosis vitamin, make sure vitamin D and B12 are at the very top of the list. Additional supplements can be added to help absorption of these two vitamins. Studies show vitamin D can even help prevent Multiple Sclerosis from happened or at least lower an individual’s chances of it occurring. Additional research shows high levels of vitamin D, the Sunshine Vitamin, can help reduce the number of relapses people with MS might experience. As for the MS vitamin B12, this should be taken in the methylcobalamin form.


Dosage of MS Vitamin D


Research has shown a correlation between the amount of sun a person receives and the occurrence of MS. People who live closer to the equator have a lower percentage of Multiple Sclerosis within their community and surrounding areas. This said, getting a daily dose of sunshine appears to be very beneficial.

The common daily dose for vitamin D is around 600 to 1,000 IU, however, it needs to be much higher to benefit MS patients. One study performed had test subjects take an average of 14,000 IU each day. This group of people had a much lower percentage of relapse episodes. It’s best to discuss this with your doctor, since large does of this vitamin over a long time can cause toxicity.


Signs of Improper Doses of Multiple Sclerosis Vitamin D


MS vitamin D deficiency isn’t a good combination at all. Multiple Sclerosis causes the immune system to attack the myelin on nerve cells. People with this autoimmune disease find vitamin D helps the body’s immune system get the boost it needs to prevent it from stripping the myelin sheath off of nerve cells. It is possible to overdo the amount of vitamin D consumed, so be aware of the warning signs and symptoms.

Watch for poor appetite, vomiting, nausea, weight loss, weakness, and constipation. If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. You could very well be taking too much vitamin D each day. An excess amount of vitamin D can also cause the body to hold on to too much calcium. The body can only use so much calcium at a time. Elevated levels of this bone strengthening mineral can actually cause kidney stones to form.

Determining the appropriate dose of any MS vitamin is important in providing MS patients with a beneficial Multiple Sclerosis vitamin supplement, instead of one that can ultimately make them more miserable.


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