MS (multiple sclerosis) relief isn’t that difficult to come by and doesn’t require questionable and expensive drugs. Surprisingly, relief is all about healthy living and some mild dietary planning.

Unfortunately many people don’t listen to this advice, assuming it can’t be that simple. The reason for their belief of this is due to not understanding what MS is in the first place.

First of all, MS is not a disease brought on by advancing age like may think. In fact, MS can affect anyone regardless of age or race. This is the same kind of misunderstanding often associated with arthritis as well.

MS is the deterioration of myelin, the fatty tissue sheath that enshrouds our nervous systems. This is basically an insulator. When it breaks down, nerves don’t work right, causing signal loss not unlike stripped or crimped wires. As a result of this, organs are underpowered and poorly controlled.

This is why the symptoms of MS are all over the board. MS sufferers experience vertigo, gastric problems, cardiovascular complications, muscle fatigue and breathing problems just to name a few. This disease makes the whole body sick. This is why homeopathic medicine (treating the body as a whole) is the common approach to MS (multiple sclerosis) relief.


Employing holistic and homeopathic MS (multiple sclerosis) relief


Apart from tackling the symptoms, which we’ll touch on in a moment, the biggest key to MS (multiple sclerosis) relief is to reduce demyelination (the myelin breakdown). This was no small task until brilliant physicians saw a connection in vitamin D to slowing this process and encouraging healing from it.

Milk is the best source of vitamin D, and the milk has added benefits which add to fighting the symptoms of MS. Dietary planning, done by dieticians and MS experts can include various other vitamins and minerals which the body can use to reduce pain, nervous twitches and strengthen the body’s organs. Strengthening the organs is the best way to fight symptoms because stronger organs are less distressed by the weak signals.

A lot can be said for exercises such as yoga and low impact aerobics as well, because the combination strengthens the systems that MS causes faults in most. These are the heart, lungs and musculature, which those exercises work well for.

Remember to consult your physician and/or caregiver before starting an exercise or dietary regime. The effectiveness of the diet hinges on planning it around your unique chemistry and family history.