For those who suffer from multiple sclerosis and have children, MS Moms can be a great resource.  It is geared towards women who have the chronic neurological disease and also deal with raising children and having a family at home.  Created by Lorna J. Moorhead, the MS Moms site aims to provide these women with information about the disease, how they can alter their lifestyle to increase their quality of life while living with a chronic disease, and how to juggle their disease and their family and home life.  The site also stresses the importance of being able to laugh in the face of struggle and being able to enjoy life at all times, regardless of the situation.

For any person who is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, learning more about the disease is the first step.  MS Moms offers information about the chronic disease for anyone, whether they are a mother or not!  The website can help anyone learn more about the causes of the neurological disease and the effective treatments for it, including alternative ones.  It will say how the treatments will either work to help to slow the progression of the disease or how it will work to reduce the symptoms experienced.


MS Moms Community Events and Fundraising


There are many different fun events that people can participate in to help get funding for MS Moms.  These events typically involve the multiple sclerosis community, so it can be a great way for people with the chronic disease or their caregivers and loved ones to meet others that they can relate to.   The money that is raised from these events goes to families who are in direct need of help.  MS Moms has an application process for those people in need.  People can apply right from the website easily.  MS Moms will take monetary donations as well as food, clothing, appliances, and more in order to help these people make ends meet and improve their quality of life.

Any donations such as clothing, furniture, books, or appliances will be given to families to need them first.  If they are not needed, then they will be sold to gain funds for other things that people need.  When donating to MS Moms, you can be sure that whatever you do decide you donate, it will not go to waste.  In one way or another, it will help to benefit a family that is struggling due to the effects from the chronic disease of multiple sclerosis.