Originally, multiple sclerosis was thought to be a pain-free disease.  However, over half of the people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis will experience some type of pain, including MS leg painMultiple sclerosis leg pain can be experienced differently for different patients.  It can come in the form of muscle stiffness, muscle cramping, or muscle spasms.  It can also affect both legs at once, or only one leg at a time.  Leg pain can happen when a person is still, or it can only occur when they are moving around.  There are many different variables, and it can crop up at any time without warning.  This makes it a frustrating problem for many people with multiple sclerosis.

While pain is certainly not the only symptom of multiple sclerosis, it can be one of the most difficult ones to deal with.  Seeing a medical professional for pain treatment is very important to get the best quality of life while living with a chronic disease.  You can see your primary care physician or neurologist for pain treatment options.  There are also specialized pain treatment centers for people with multiple sclerosis that can be very helpful.  The first step is to get a consultation from a medical professional to see what stage your multiple sclerosis is in and what kind of treatment options are open to you.


Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis Leg Pain


There are different types of treatment options for multiple sclerosis leg pain.  Most of them are only available through prescription.  They can come in different forms, such as oral pills, injections, or intravenous drips.  Some pain medications can be taken at home.  This is true for pills.  Some injections can be administered at home as well.  However, patients will need to be shown how to give themselves the medication properly in order to avoid getting a dangerous infection.  Intravenous drips will only be administered in a hospital or clinic setting.  Some of these medications may be combined for the best overall result.

Your doctor will try to find the medication that best reduces your pain while also having the least amount of side effects.  This usually means that the dose will be low at first.  This is to see if your body will have any negative reactions to the medication when you first start it.  Some side effects can be dangerous, so it is best to start off slowly and then increase the medication as needed.