Funds supplied to organizations often go to support MS grants. A variety of needs can be covered by Multiple Sclerosis grants. Not only do non-profit organizations help to enrich the lives of those affected by MS, but the website for the organization is often run with the help of grants as well. People who are interested in studying issues related to Multiple Sclerosis can apply for grants through the National MS Society. One particular grant aids in funding for studies associated with rehabilitation, care of MS patients, either non-clinical or clinical settings, and also projects that revolve around patient management.

Most organizations offering grant money to those interested in the research aspect of MS will support individuals and groups who are studying psychological issues connected to MS, the development of assistive technology, or who wish to search for new ways to improve the lives of MS patients.

The goal of MS research is to eliminate MS, restore any lost mobility, and reduce the amount of damage caused by the disease. The National MS society has what is known as the Career Transition Fellowship. Funds from this grant are awarded to young people who aim to make a career out of MS research. This grant is awarded over a 5-year period and is to be used for 2 years of advanced postdoctoral training in the area of MS and the initial 3 years of research afterwards.

Besides grants to be used towards research, the National MS Society also supplies grants for groups or individuals seeking to run workshops, conferences, or support meetings for people with MS and their families, friends, or caregivers. Even television host Montel Williams has a foundation which grants money to support MS research.

People with MS who are in need of goods or services to make their lives easier can receive up to 1000 dollars in grant money through the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. These funds must go towards approved products or services, such as wheelchairs, eyeglasses, therapeutic equipment, etc.


How to Apply for Various Grants


Applying for any of these MS grants takes a bit of time and effort. Visit a website to find out requirements and deadlines for the grant, follow instructions for printing off paperwork to fill out. Once the application is completed, you’ll need to fax, email, or mail the information to the appropriate location. As long as the directions are followed completely and all the correct information is provided, obtaining funds from one of these Multiple Sclerosis grants is possible.