A MS foot drop is a condition that occurs in the chronic neurological disease multiple sclerosis.  When a multiple sclerosis foot drop occurs, the person can’t lift the toe of the affected foot.  This can cause serious problems when trying to walk.  If the toe cannot be lifted while walking, it may drag along the ground.  This condition may be called “slapping gait”, since the toe drags along the ground and then gets slapped against it when the foot is lifted back up again.  This can be a painful problem, and it can result in permanent walking issues if the condition persists.

Foot drop is not its own condition.  It is an underlying symptom caused by multiple sclerosis or another nervous system disease.  When the nerves are damaged, the signals sent to the toes can be interrupted.  This can cause the condition to occur.  Muscle weakness can also cause the foot drop condition.  It can come and go during flare ups or relapses.  There are many different ways to treat the foot drop condition, including alternative therapies, foot supports, medications, and more.  Seeing a medical specialist is the best way to get the right kind of treatment for the problem.


The Types of Treatment For MS Foot Drop


There are various different types of treatments available for people who have multiple sclerosis and also have the condition foot drop.  The first step in order to get the right treatment for the condition is to see the right medical professional.  Doctors will rate the foot drop on a scale from 0 to 5, 0 being complete paralysis in the foot and 5 being completely mobility.  They will be able to assess how badly the foot drop is affecting mobility and decide what the best course of treatment is.  The treatment can help with walking and it can stop the pain that occurs when the toe cannot be lifted.

One way to help the toe lift while walking is to use a foot support.  The support will manually keep the toe lifted up while a person is walking to keep it from dragging on the ground.  These supports can be custom fit to a patient’s foot in order to ensure that they get the proper amount of lift.  This is a great way to help a person who has a foot drop problem the majority of the time while dealing with multiple sclerosis.  Another way to help stop foot drop is to do some gentle foot exercises on a regular basis to help strength the muscles in the feet, ankles, and toes.