A person suffering from MS Electric Shock or Multiple Sclerosis Electric Shock experiences an electric shock like sensation that radiates from the neck and downwards and lasts for a short time. It can repeat many times, making the sensation feel continuous. This sensation usually radiates to the arms and legs and occasionally to the trunk.


What causes MS Electric Shock?


It is widely believed to be caused by disturbed brain chemicals caused by Multiple Sclerosis. This disease occurs when the myelin, the protective sheath over the nerves, is attacked by the body’s immune system and gets damaged. Myelin’s primary task is to help and speed the transfer of signals from the brain to the nerves. When the myelin gets damaged, the signals transfer is hampered, making the transfer slower or disruptive. This causes the nerves to eventually wither away. Some form of regeneration does take place, but invariably, it is mostly insufficient or often does not find the correct muscle mass. In advanced cases, it leads to disability.  MS Electric Shock is one of the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. The severity of Multiple Sclerosis Electric Shock depends on the severity of MS.


Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis Electric Shock


There are several treatments aimed at addressing MS Electric Shock. The medicines and drugs for Multiple Sclerosis primarily tend to limit further damage to the nerves, besides reducing the symptoms associated with this. However, they are unable to reverse the brain damage that has already occurred. Depending on the severity of MS Electric Shock, doctors will put the patient on medication to alleviate this symptom. Other treatments for Multiple Sclerosis Electric Shock include exercise and physical therapy to strengthen the muscles. There are treatments that focus on both medication and meditation techniques to help the patient relax. There are also several alternate treatments, like acupuncture, hydrotherapy and massages. These alternate treatments lack medical backing and their success will differ from person to person.

The symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis, including Multiple Sclerosis Electric Shock, affect the quality of life. It is important to stay active and maintain a positive attitude, as these help in overcoming these symptoms.