MS Cramp occurs when Multiple Sclerosis afflicts a person. This happens when myelin, the protective sheath over the nerves, is attacked by the body’s immune system and gets destroyed. Myelin assists in the transfer of signals from the brain to the nerves. When the myelin is damaged, the signals become slow or get disrupted. This causes the nerves to eventually wither away. Some amount of regeneration does recur, but invariably, it is insufficient or often does not find the correct muscle mass. When the nerves are damaged due to the loss of Myelin, the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis start showing up. One of the symptoms is MS Cramp.


Types of MS cramp


MS Cramp can be tonic or clonic. A tonic spasm occurs when the muscle tone is increased abnormally. This shows up as muscle stiffness and the limb appears to be very rigid, even though there is no evidence of paralysis. The other type is known as the clonic spasm resulting in violent jerks by the affected limb without any warning, causing the patient to lose balance and perhaps fall. This is the more dangerous of the two.


Treatments for MS Cramp


The usual method of treating MS Cramp is through medication. Drugs such as Baclofen and Zanaflex are commonly prescribed by doctors, depending on the severity of the spasm. A side effect of these drugs is that they cause the muscles to weaken. MS cramp is commonly known to occur due to calcium deficiency. In fact, both calcium and magnesium are essential for the normal functioning of the muscles and are routinely administered to MS patients. Another treatment followed is the intake of Gamma amino butyric acid, which aids in the production of growth hormone. In some cases, it reduces the incidence of pain and spasm, while increasing mobility and comfort while resting. Other medicines used to negate the symptom of MS Crampare compounds having Threonine, Niacin and Methyl-sulphonyl-methane.

An alternate method is to use adequate nutritional supplements. However, these are not very predictable, nor reliable, if the condition is quite severe. However, they are quite harmless and can be taken without any risk.