When it comes to MS cooling, many patients afflicted by this illness manage their heat sensitivity by using a number of ways. It is important to consume plenty of fluids particularly cool beverages. This hydration will help the body perspire and use this system in order to remain at a comfortable temperature. It is also helpful to suck on chipped ice and suck on frozen juice in order to lower a person’s body temperature. Another good way to stay cool is to stay indoors where air conditioning can maintain a comfortable temperature.

Some other methods used by patients are taking showers with cool water, swimming and using various cooling products to lower the body’s temperature quickly. Such MS cooling products are usually vests. Some have various battery operated systems to reduce the absorption of ambient and surrounding heat, as well as pockets for ice packs. There are also hats, scarves, and wristbands available with cooling gel encased in the lining.

It is important to understand that this heat intolerance can sometimes have deadly results if it is not taken seriously. There have been reports of certain patients even dying because they were enjoying lying in the sun or were in a hot tub when they became unable to move and escape overheating.


Purchasing MS Cooling Vests


Items used to cool the body prevent the symptoms of this illness from worsening due to heat. There are many types of products that can help a patient of MS remain at a constant temperature. For example, there are sophisticated vests with battery-operated cooling systems built in as well as cheaper versions with pockets for ice packs. Regardless of the type of vest, these products are used to prevent overheating.

In certain climates where humidity is low there are special vests that use the evaporation method to cool. It is important to know that an evaporation vest does not lower the temperature of a body but only absorbs the ambient heat within that area. When it comes to the method of cooling used in a chemical vest, the chemicals absorb heat higher than 82 degrees for about four hours. After 4 hours has passed, the vest needs to be recharged by being in a room that is colder than 82 degrees.


An Alternative to an MS Cooling Vest


Body temperature can be lowered even in an outdoor environment. This can be achieved by misting fans which can actually lower the temperature by up to 20 degrees. There are many excellent MS cooling items that can be used by outdoor enthusiasts who do not want to let MS interfere with their lives. In some areas that have high humidity, these products won’t work as well as in areas that have low humidity. There are also certain products that are special neckbands and hats which are made to have a cooling effect.