Multiple Sclerosis afflicts close to 400,000 people in the United States and over 3 million people worldwide The MS bracelet (in whatever form you choose) can be worn to show your support, to raise awareness of the disease, or to help raise funds for ongoing research and clinical trials trying to help patients find relief and raise their quality of life.  Probably the most popular of the Multiple Sclerosis bracelet you will see out there is the orange rubber bracelet with the words “MS JOIN THE MOVEMENT” or “MS” stamped into them.  These are available widely either from the MS Society or from multiple web sites that sell them at a very reasonable price and at bulk prices for quantity purchases.  If you purchase them from the MS society, your MS bracelet purchase will go to promoting awareness through the society’s various public relations efforts.  The store also has other products for sale, all going to worthy efforts promoted by this trustworthy society.


An Multiple Sclerosis Bracelet with a designer touch


If you want to help out the cause and “join the movement” you can do it by picking up a classy MS Bracelet of Hope from for a little more money.  This elegant piece is a replica of the handcrafted crystal and sterling silver original MS Bracelet of Hope presented to Actress Teri Garr at a special Sea World event in 2004 and also to Rain Pryor, the daughter of the comedian Richard Pryor at a luncheon in Washington DC in 2006.

Since then, the replica has been worn by thousands of people across the U.S. as a show of solidarity and hope for progress in the fight against MS.  Designed by Elizabeth Fahy of Florida, this fashionable MS bracelet is made of genuine Swarovski Crystal, polished Czech glass beads, and has the word HOPE engraved on both sides of the shiny sterling silver. Most important is that 15% of all the proceeds go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to fund their efforts.


MS bracelets found easily


The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is always in need of funds and these Multiple Sclerosis bracelet ideas, along with countless others in all price ranges, are a perfect way of supporting the MS cause in a way that encourages others to ask questions and start a conversation.  One word of advice – make sure you do your research and make sure the seller is genuine and not just somebody trying to make money off a well-intentioned individual with no intent of supporting the National Multiple Sclerosis in any way.