Showing support during MS Awareness Week and during the entire MS Awareness Month helps more people than just those with Multiple Sclerosis. March is a time of year when news about MS is spread far and wide through promotional efforts of volunteers, MS Awareness bracelets, and educational material distributed to whoever wishes to learn about MS.

In March of 2003, the people of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida designated this month to be Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month in the United States. This particular city is the home of the national headquarters of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. The mayor of Ft. Lauderdale and the Florida governor at the time were more than happy to set aside a specific time of year to get the entire country involved in raising awareness about MS.

Different states have Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week during the month of March as well, in order to have it during MS Month. Designating a specific time of year to promote awareness of MS enables the entire country to work together and host individual fundraising activities. These events, such as concerts, cookouts, a lecture series, or benefit auction are excellent for not only getting community members together for a single cause, but also for collecting money to continue research of MS. The more research done on Multiple Sclerosis, the closer it is to becoming eliminated.

The National MS Society generally poses a specific question during Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week each year for people with MS to answer if they choose. Enticing individuals with MS to share how they feel about the disease is only one part to MS Week. There are plenty of additional opportunities for volunteers, friends and family members of MS patients, and even celebrities to show their support.


Methods of Promoting MS Awareness


Showing your support for MS Month can be done in the form of purchasing an MS Awareness bracelet, and MS Awareness ribbon, or any MS Awareness jewelry piece. Products purchased in support of MS awareness are generally orange in color and can be purchased online from a number of trustworthy sources. If buying items over the Internet, be sure the site is secure and the source is a reputable one.

People generally participate more than just one year. For instance, those who participated during MS Awareness Week 2010 will most likely continue to do so the following years, which is how the volunteer list is able to grow larger every year. MS Awareness Week is an excellent time for individuals to gather together for a great cause. MS Awareness Month is the time of year to volunteer your time and skills to help anyone affected by Multiple Sclerosis.