The MS Australia website is set up in a simple manner so that anyone can easily navigate it to get to the information they are looking for.  The Multiple Sclerosis Australia homepage includes only the basic links in order to minimize clutter.  This makes it easy for people to quickly find what they are looking for, whether they are a patient, a family member, a contributor, or a medical professional.  Their front page also includes a way to make the text larger or smaller, depending on a person’s needs, and it also offers the opportunity to change the language that the website is displayed it.  This makes it accessible to more people across the world.

Also featured on the home page of Multiple Sclerosis Australia is a handy search box, powered by Google.  You can use this to search the entire website for specific keywords in order to quickly find what exactly you are looking for, whether it is a certain medication, a local medical center, a symptom, or a local fundraising event.  This is a great way to get the quick information you are looking for related to multiple sclerosis.  Next to the search box at the top of the page are the handy social networking sites, which allow you to connect with MS Australia on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with a single click.


Information Found on the MS Australia Website


Tons of information can be found on the Multiple Sclerosis Australia website.  They have an “About MS” section for people who are looking to learn more about the disease itself.  This section provides information about the neurological disease and its history, how it can be caused, how it is diagnosed, what the signs and symptoms are, what the treatment options are, and how the disease itself progresses over time.  This is valuable information for both medical professionals and people who are affected by multiple sclerosis.  It can also help loved ones to understand more about the disease.

There is also information about how to help the society gather funds for helping research causes related to multiple sclerosis.  Making a donation directly from the website is very easy, and the proceeds will go to multiple sclerosis research and support programs.  There is also a link to check out volunteer opportunities with Multiple Sclerosis Australia.  Supporting time or money is a great way to help out the MS cause.  Attending fundraising events listed on the website is another easy way to contribute that can also help out the multiple sclerosis community in your area.