The MS Association of America has programs and services designed to assist people connected to MS in any way. Within the National MS Association, a total of 5 categories exist and they are labeled as followed: Offering Lifelines, Branching Out, Finding Answers, Breaking Down Barriers, and Easing Daily Life. Each category is aimed at helping not only people with Multiple Sclerosis, but also those surrounding them, including their family, partners, and acquaintances.

Offering Lifelines is a service MSAA has to help people with MS to face challenges, become more certain about the future, battle depression, and deal with anything that Multiple Sclerosis puts in their way. MSAA is there to give the encouragement and understanding needed.

Branching Out allows people to share their experience with MS and talk with others with similar situations. This can be a healing process for many. Sometimes talking to others who understand what is going on can be extremely therapeutic for a person with MS.

Finding Answers enables people with Multiple Sclerosis the opportunity to receive the medical care they need, whether it be an MRI or even a diagnosis as to how far the disease has progressed.

Breaking Down Barriers aids people with MS in finding housing options that allow those with physical needs or a limited amount of mobility to continue living in their own home.

Easing Daily Life is an equipment service provided to people with MS. As Multiple Sclerosis progresses the amount of mobility decreases. MSAA is able to loan special equipment to those who need it most and at no charge whatsoever.


The MS Association Can Supply Answers to Many Questions


A collection of regional offices are located around the world. These offices provide local support and information to those in even the smallest community. If the MS Association of supervisors at a particular branch doesn’t have the answers on hand, then they know where to direct the person seeking information. Regional offices support programs offered by the MSAA by letting the community know what events are taking place, helping people come together as a group through various social gatherings, collecting volunteers to facilitated activities locally, and organizing fundraising projects.

The MS Association of America was founded in 1970 and has being going strong ever since. It is constantly working on its goal of making the lives of people with MS easier, through the means of multiple programs, services, and a fantastic group of staff members, worldwide. The National MS Association can be contacted at any time of day for assistance or information.