MS amantadine, also known as Symmetrel, was first prescribed to patients with Parkinson’s Disease and as a treatment for the Asian Flu. What has been discovered of late, although the exact way in which it works is unknown, is that it is very effective in helping MS patients overcome the feelings of drowsiness. It also seems to be effective in relieving muscle spasms. It is important to note the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not specifically approved the use of multiple sclerosis amantadine, yet many doctors find it beneficial to provide it for their MS patients.

It was once hoped that because of the anti-viral properties in drug, it might help in the control of the progression of the disease. However, studies done have failed to show that MS amantadine has little to provide in that area. The good news is that many patients seem to report a much-improved sense of well-being when taking the medication regularly. It is believed this can be attributed to the fact that the patients seem to gain more emotional control, rest better, and are thus able to move more freely. Some believe it contributes to the patient not reporting as many symptoms or voicing as many complaints, so many of the benefits are not clearly medically defined.


Multiple Sclerosis Amantadine Is Beneficial Because of the Multitude of MS Symptoms and Medications


It is important to note there are four main types of officially recognized stages of multiple sclerosis. During each of those stages, patient’s will likely experience different symptoms and find themselves taking a wide variety of medications. In the early stages, the primary medications may involve those known as ‘disease-modifying therapies.’

These drugs are developed to help prevent the progression of the disease and increase the time between relapses. Most are also designed to address more than a single symptom. MS amantadine will likely help in countering some of the side effects from not only the medications themselves, but the possible interactions amongst all of them which will likely lead to feeling fatigued.


Using Multiple Sclerosis Amantadine Seems To Provide More Benefits Than Risks


A couple of the most common complaints involves patients expressing feelings of restlessness and inability to sleep properly when they first start taking MS amantadine. The most common solution for those problems is to make sure the patient is taking the meds early enough in the day so as not to affect their sleep patterns. Then it’s only a matter for most to adjust the amount taken to find a comfortable dosage so they go through the day without feeling the edginess. The recommended dosage is 100 – 200 mg daily taken either in a pill form or syrup. Most seem to adapt over time to the medication and most complaints regarding its use will cease. As always is true, be sure to discuss and report  any concerns with your physician.