Mitoxantrone MS treatment is one of only 2 shown effective for secondary progressive MS. This debilitating disease affects about 350,000 patients in the U.S. alone.  With Mitoxantrone, Multiple Sclerosis patients, especially those that suffer from the secondary progressive, progressive relapsing form of the disease.  As the name implies, each relapse becomes progressively worse, so preventing the relapses becomes of paramount importance.

About half of the patients originally diagnosed with MS will develop the secondary progressive, progressive relapsing form of MS.  This means that there is a progression of the disability and symptoms, and that the symptoms of each relapse is worse than the prior one, and they become more frequent – with less time of remission between flare ups.  Using Mitoxantrone, MS is treated by suppressing the activity of the white blood cells known as T cells and B cells, as well as macrophages.  All of these are thought to attack the myelin covering (sheath) that protects the nerve cells.  In combination with corticosteroids, Mitoxantrone Multiple Sclerosis treatment has also been shown effective in dealing with advanced hormone-refractory prostate cancer and certain forms of leukemia.


Although Mitoxantrone MS treatment shown effective, its use is limited in number of injections the patient can have over a lifetime.


Diagnosis of MS that becomes secondary progressive, progressive relapsing has also meant a significant reduction of treatment plans that work.  Mitoxantrone has been more effective than most other therapies for this form.  But before beginning to use Mitoxantrone, Multiple Sclerosis patients should be the aware that there is a limit to the number of times it can be used.  With Mitoxantrone, MS patients are limited to eight or twelve doses per lifetime.  So you and your doctor must keep careful records.  But this option does give hope to people that otherwise would have no alternative to treating the painful and life changing symptoms.


Mitoxantrone MS side effects are very serious


Using Mitoxantrone comes with some potentially very serious side effects.  More serious than most medicines used to treat MS.  It has caused serious, and sometimes fatal heart damage.  It has also caused bone marrow trouble.  Some of the less serious side effects are nausea, hair loss, increased infection risk, changes in the menstrual cycle, sores in the mouth, and diarrhea.  Because of the more serious of these side effects, Mitoxantrone MS therapy is only being used in very specialized Multiple Sclerosis clinics that have sophisticated monitoring and testing capabilities. If interested, your doctor should be able to refer you to such a specialized facility.