Medical treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) can ease attacks and slow down the disease. It usually involves physical therapy and medications that help to control the quality of life for most patients. This article will inform you of the power of drug therapy in multiple sclerosis and the advancements that are being made in medical treatment for multiple sclerosis.

In multiple sclerosis medical treatment, the drugs that are used work by suppressing or altering the body’s immune system so that it does not attack the myelin which surrounds the nerves. These drugs do not cure the disease, but they reduce the frequency and severity of the attacks and slow down the progression of the disease. Therefore, drug therapy should begin right after diagnosis. Disease modifying drugs that are used include:

  • Avonex
  • Betaseron
  • Copaxone
  • Novantrone
  • Rebif
  • Tysabri
  • Gilenya


Medical multiple sclerosis treatment may also include several forms of therapy to help with MS. Physical Therapy helps by providing stretching and strengthening exercises. Occupational therapists also teach techniques that can make it easier to perform daily tasks. Mental health therapists can help a person to cope with depression, anxiety, and stress. Speech therapy may also be used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.


Other Common MS Treatments


In the medical treatment of multiple sclerosis several different types of drugs are commonly used. Corticosteroids are often used, for example, to reduce the inflammation that spikes during relapse. Muscle relaxants may also be used to help with the pain of muscle stiffness or spasms and to give a person more control. Other medications are also given to fight fatigue, depression, pain, and to help with bladder or bowel control.

Stem cell transplantation may also soon be a common medical treatment of multiple sclerosis. Look at any recent multiple sclerosis medical journal and you will probably find studies in which stems cells brought about success. This treatment has been found not only helpful in stopping the progression of MS, but reversing the damage of it as well. explains the basics of how this medical treatment of multiple sclerosis works. First, physicians take bone marrow stems cell and keep them alive. They then use chemotherapy to essentially wipe out your immune system. Afterwards the stem cells are put back into your body and they begin to produce new immune system cells. The new cells no longer see the myelin as something to attack and the body can begin healing itself.