The meaning of MS is basically ‘multiple scars’, which are made noticeable on the brain and spinal cord of MS patients. The meaning of Multiple Sclerosis terms used to describe various types of MS can be difficult to understand at first, but they also accurately describe each type of MS. There are 4 types; RRMS, PPMS, SPMS, and PRMS.

Relapsing-remitting (RRMS) is the mildest form of Multiple Sclerosis and the most common type seen upon initial diagnosis. Around 85 percent of the population diagnosed with MS has RRMS and most of these individuals are in their 20s and 30s, as well as mostly women. This form of MS is characterized by the inflammatory attacks on the outer cover of the nerve cells. There are also more brain lesions present with this form of MS.

Primary-Progressive (PPMS) is progressive without the inflammatory attacks on the myelin sheaths. This type of MS shows more spinal cord lesions than brain lesions and tends to come about 10 years after the initial diagnosis. Men and women are equally affected by this form of MS.

Secondary-Progressive (SPMS) is generally the next form of MS people with RRMS will develop. The progression of MS is steadier with SPMS; less inflammation and more destruction. Due to the large number of nerve fibers damaged during this type of MS, mobility becomes more limited.

Progressive-Relapsing (PRMS) is the most debilitating form of MS, since it is highly progressive. The damage done to nerve cells in people with this form of MS is extremely severe. Around 5 percent of MS patients develop this type of MS.


The Meaning of MS Symptoms


What is the meaning of MS lesions on the brain and spinal cord? Well, the location of the lesions dictates where the debilitation will occur. For instance, lesions on the brain tend to cause cognitive issues. These might include the inability to think clearly and make sense of what is going on, memory loss, and depression. Lesions on the spinal cord create difficulties connected to motor skills; partial paralysis, loss of coordination, slow reflexes, spastic muscles, loss of sensation, loss of balance, impotence, and loss of bowel or bladder control.

People often look at the list of symptoms and think the meaning of MS is that they will be confined to a wheelchair in no time at all. This meaning of Multiple Sclerosis couldn’t be farther from the truth. A very small percentage of MS patients become debilitated enough to require the use of a wheelchair. Multiple Sclerosis is a very manageable disease, thanks to the years of research performed on it.