Multiple medical sites online offer a plethora of the latest Multiple Sclerosis news. An example of MS news covered is a short blurb posted about how the FDA added a warning label to particular medications with a list of additional side effects. Information such as this is very important to people with MS who may be taking any of those specific drugs. Knowing what signs to look for can prevent someone from ending up in the hospital unexpectedly.

News about the latest research taking place and the need for test subjects might be of interest to some MS patients as well. Determining the effectiveness and the overall safety of a particular drug is a tedious task. Finding willing recruits who’d like to help with this type of research is possible through Multiple Sclerosis news posted on MS websites and in forums frequented by people with Multiple Sclerosis.

Continuing research on MS allows scientists to keep discovering new information about how the disease affects the body. For instance, one recent Multiple Sclerosis news report showed bone loss actually begins to happen early on before MS is ever diagnosed. This type of information could be useful to people who have family members with MS and who have an increase risk of being diagnosed with it in the future. Preparing for this possibility by making sure to prevent bone loss at an early date is highly beneficial.


Some Multiple Sclerosis News 2010 Brought About


Cladribine and fingolimod were two drugs talked about quite a bit in 2010. All research doesn’t always lead to a something useful, but without it many MS drugs would go undiscovered. As for Cladribine, the FDA decided to not approve the drug for MS use after a lengthy study was performed. On the other hand, fingolimod sent waves of anticipation after it produced positive results in MS patients. This was the first oral MS drug to show it had the ability to slow progression of MS. It also had very few side effects, which was an additional bonus.

Multiple Sclerosis news articles are always keeping the MS community informed as to what the latest Multiple Sclerosis news is and what exciting advancements have been made. The more informed people are, the more aware they become about how MS affects more than the lives of individuals directly diagnosed with this disease. Anyone who knows or cares for someone with MS enjoys learning how research has made progress in the world of MS.