The search for ways to cure or slow progression of MS is a constant battle. Recently, a new drug for MS was discovered. Although this new drug for Multiple Sclerosis has yet to be approved by the FDA, there is still hope that this new drug will pave the way for Multiple Sclerosis patients of today and the future. Living with MS can be quite the challenge and there is a longing for most patients to return to the life they knew before being diagnosed with MS.

Lanquinimod is the name of this brand new drug. The main difference between this particular drug and the current ones created for patients with Multiple Sclerosis is that this one is administered orally. Most of the other prescribed medications for MS have to be given via injection, which can be unpleasant. Fingolimod is the only other MS med that can be taken orally and it has already received the approval of the FDA. The progression of MS is slowed down by lanquinimod and it well tolerated by most patients, both of which are two prominent points admired by patients and doctors alike.


New Drug for MS Patients has Potential


So far, it looks like lanquinimod is going to be an excellent alternative for many people with Multiple Sclerosis. Not only can it be taken orally, but it’s proved to be just as beneficial as many of the existing MS drugs. The study has only been performed on a certain amount of people, but hopes that the pharmaceutical industry is able to get this new drug for MS approved by FDA standards should be in the near future. Lanquinimod has shown to have more advantages over many of the experimental drugs created for MS in the past, as well as a few of the current ones. Unfortunately, the FDA approval may not be received until towards the end of next year or at the beginning of 2013.

The potential for this drug to become an initial one for Multiple Sclerosis patients to try is high. Slowing the progression of MS is a key point in preventing patients from ending up debilitated and relying on outside assistance to live a normal life. People who have only recently become diagnosed with MS will most likely be given lanquinimod as an initial treatment.

An additional study on this new drug for MS is being conducted at the moment. The results of the study performed on this new drug for Multiple Sclerosis will hopefully provide the FDA with the necessary means to approve lanquinimod for MS patients. As of now, the data already gathered on the safety and effectiveness of this drug show it has much promise.