Imagine getting into your bathing suite, wading out into the snow and jumping into ice water. For fun. It sounds weird at best, downright insane at worst. However, it is in fact a health treatment, and one that is gaining a fast following all across the world. It is not insane, it is healthy.

In a world where the population is growing overweight and lethargic with bad skin and hair, arthritis, and other conditions, it is interesting to note that these are remarkably absent in cold-water enthusiasts. Not just absent but they tend to instead be quite the opposite. Science has shown that cold water swimmers in fact have more energy and longevity.

So what is the secret?  The secret is in the water. Exposure to cold water does a number of things for us from producing endorphins to increasing our circulation and immune system.

This guide will explore the health benefits of cold water swimming. Explaining the general, as well as the four main, health benefits gotten from exposure to cold water. You do not have to live with lethargy, arthritis, and other such conditions when something as simple as a cold shower can prevent and even reverse degenerative diseases.

How To Temper Your Body With Cold Water