A long list of famous people with Multiple Sclerosis includes individuals such as singer Chrissy Amphlett, drummer Clive Burr, actress Lola Falana, country music artist Hal Ketchum, NASCAR truck racer Kelly Sutton, and TV personality Montel Williams. Being a celebrity means more of the public is watching and taking note of what the person is up to. When a famous person is diagnosed with an illness, this tends to intrigue others into finding out more information about the disease. This can be beneficial to more than just the celebrity with the disease or illness.

When people learn about a particular disease, they tend to be much more aware of how it affects not only the individual who has been diagnosed with it, but also those around that person. The lives of friends, family members, coworkers, and caregivers are all altered in some way. People with MS are able to share their stories about and experiences with MS, but it helps to have others who are willing to support through volunteer work, assisting with fundraising events, and basically spreading information about MS to whoever is interested.

People with Multiple Sclerosis pictures tend to show individuals in a wheelchair or using an aid of some sort for increased mobility. These pictures give a false image. Not everyone afflicted with MS is confined to a wheelchair or needs assistance walking. Many celebrities with MS still continue to perform and most even keep their positive diagnosis of MS under wraps for many years. The number of people with Multiple Sclerosis is actually more than the public can imagine, due to the nature of the disease. Symptoms can go into remission for years at a time and there often is no sign of disability in between relapses.


Funds for People with Multiple Sclerosis


Jobs for People with Multiple Sclerosis vary according to the severity of the disability caused by the disease. Most individuals might have to alter their occupation as the years go on and resort to part-time employment. To supplement a reduction in pay, grants and scholarships might be able to be applied for.

Grants for people with multiple sclerosis can be applied for through MS organizations, such as the National MS Society. People can sign up to receive funding from grants used for obtaining aids for daily living, financial assistance for caregivers of MS patients, or to fund modifications around the home. Scholarships for people with multiple sclerosis are offered to high school graduates with MS or those whose parent has the disease. Many famous people with Multiple Sclerosis have also started creating foundations which offer money to individuals with MS who need assistance in some way, shape, or form.