There’s confirmation every day that money can’t buy anything you want, even your health. Famous people with MS are verifiable proof that Multiple Sclerosis will strike even the rich and famous; it doesn’t care. Celebrities are still human, so many of them react to being diagnosed with MS the same way any person would. There are always questions about what to expect, concerns about the future and employment, and a thirst for knowledge about MS.

The main difference between a famous person having MS and a non-celebrity is that the person with fame is able to utilize the limelight. A number of famous individuals share their experience with Multiple Sclerosis and the public turns into a giant support group. Even celebrities need encouragement that MS doesn’t mean the end is near. It does mean major changes will take place and their daily life will need to be adjusted, but MS is by no means a death sentence.

There are many stories of people with MS being passed around the public. Many of them include tales of celebrities giving money to fund MS research, defying the odds received upon begin diagnosed, or they are good-hearted stories about the kindness they’ve shown to other MS patients.


Celebrities Helping Other People with MS


Celebrities are at least in a position to boost MS research, if they choose. Promoting research by talking to the public is a huge help for people with MS. Montel Williams is one celebrity with MS who discussed is experience with MS in a book he later released to book stores. He also started a foundation that collects money to go towards MS research. Annette Funicello was diagnosed with MS years before she told her fans and she has served as ambassador for the Walk MS event put on by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Terri Garr offers her persona MS experience to others in order to provide support for people with MS. She is mainly a spokesperson for MS Lifelines, but people are often comforted by seeing a familiar face offering support for the number of people with MS who are diagnosed every year.

Neil Cavuto is a shining example of one of the famous people with MS who hasn’t let the disease get in his way. He still hosts his own TV show, despite the information provided from an MRI scan. The MRI displayed enough lesions that Cavuto shouldn’t even be able to walk or talk, yet he does and he is also a volunteer for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Each of these stories should be inspiring to many individuals with MS.


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