Quite a few symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis can be overcome through exercise for people with MS or exercises for people with MS. Multiple sclerosis or MS, as it is commonly known, is caused when the body’s autoimmune system turns on itself and attacks myelin, which forms a protective coating over the nerves. Myelin helps in faster conduction of signals from the brain to the nerves. When myelin is damaged, it causes the nerves to wither. This brings on the symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis. Some of the symptoms are severe enough to affect the quality of life. However, these can be mitigated to a considerable extent with exercise for people with MS that will strengthen the affected muscles. Though exercise may be difficult for people with Multiple Sclerosis, there are ways to accommodate all disability levels. Many studies prove that exercises for people with MS help in overcoming or adapting to the symptoms.


How do Exercises for People with MS Help?


There are many exercises for people with MS that can be used for strengthening the muscles. One of the symptoms of this disease is weakness or fatigue. Besides this, it can affect the limbs, resulting in loss of strength and limiting mobility. Regular exercise helps in building physical strength, besides strengthening weak muscles. One of the common symptoms of MS is the lack in control of the bowel movements. There are exercises for people with MS specially aimed at strengthening bladder and bowel function, which are of great help to people suffering from this syndrome. People afflicted with MS often feel depressed. Exercise keeps a person mentally alert and provides an overall feeling of well-being. There are different kinds of exercises that improve general fitness. Walking is a very mild aerobic form that helps in keeping the heart and lungs fit. Others, like resistance based training for building strength. Stretching exercises like yoga help in relieving stress and increasing flexibility. A 20 minute workout, which includes all of these, is considered a good amount of exercise for people with MS.




It is important to note here that patient should set realistic goals and should not strain themselves. The best results are achieved by those who start slowly. Exercise for people with MS will increase the core body temperature, resulting in an increase of multiple sclerosis symptoms. This should not be confused with a relapse, as the symptoms will gradually disappear as the body cools down. It is best to check with the doctor on the best kind of exercise that is suited for the symptom being addressed.