Help for MS patients comes in many forms. One of the ways people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis can remain healthy is through nutrition. Diets for MS patients don’t include the fad diets many people follow. People with MS should stick to a low-fat, high-fiber diet. Eating nutritious foods keeps the body in good health, which will in turn prevent the immune system from turning against the body. It would be helpful to meet with a dietitian or a nutritionist to get a menu suited for MS patients.

The Swank Diet is a diet that is especially devised for MS patients and has actually proven to slow the progression of MS. Dr. Swank performed research for 50 years and utilized the assistance of around 5,000 people to finally come up with a diet that is beneficial for MS patients. The best thing about this low-fat diet is anyone is able to follow it. It’s definitely an easy to follow diet.

Maintaining a healthy weight is just as important to an individual with MS as it is to a person who doesn’t have this disease. Staying at a proper weight prevents the body from working harder to function at a normal level. Overworking the body puts strain on the immune system, which should be avoided.


Exercises for MS Patients and their Benefits


The life expectancy of MS patients is an average of 7 years shorter than what it would have been if they didn’t have the disease. Taking the proper medication, eating a healthy diet, and exercising regularly are all ways to add on a few years.

Exercises geared towards building strength and improving coordination are both great for MS patients. Most exercises can be adjusted for all levels of mobility. There are wheelchair-based exercises, resistance training programs, and routines to help raise energy levels. It’s beneficial to find a fitness trainer or join a class geared towards people with MS. Classes for different stages of MS might also be available. Incorporating exercises into a daily routine is a wise move to make. The National MS Society and Healthology have a great video promoting exercise and how it benefits people with MS.

Diets for MS patients, when combined with exercise routines, can provide someone with MS many additional years of mobility. Taking time to devise a plan for making dietary and physical adjustments as needed is something MS patients need to do. Not only will these give them more healthy years with their family, but they will feel better too.


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