Signs and symptoms of Mult Sclerosis can manifest and subside for many years before an actual diagnosis is made. The length of presence and severity of each symptom differs from person to person. Some individuals may experience MS symptoms multiple days in a row, while other people might only have moderate symptoms on and off for a month or more. A doctor should be notified if signs of Multiple Sclerosis begin to appear, especially if they are severe enough to cause debilitation of any kind. Many symptoms of MS are dismissed because they are associated with something physical that took place during the day or they are attributed to a specific state of mind.

For instance, an electric shock felt when bending the head forward can be a sign of MS. The first time this symptom is experienced, most people brush it off as a pinched nerve from sleeping in an awkward position or heavy lifting during the day. Achy muscles or fatigue are two additional MS symptoms generally thought of as being the result of too much physical labor or stress.

A list of symptoms similar to those experienced by MS patients will prompt a doctor into performing a number of methods for diagnosing MS in a new patient. The doctor will ask a number of questions regarding the neurological health of the individual. These questions will most likely be followed by blood tests, a spinal tap, and an MRI. Blood tests will reveal any blood-related viruses which could be causing MS-like symptoms. A collection of cerebrospinal fluid via the spinal tap procedure will enable the doctor to check the number of white cells present. If the number is large, then this means they are trying to attack something within the system. Finally, an MRI scan is taken of the brain to check for lesions associated with MS.


 Treatments used for MS


Depending on the stage of MS diagnosed, a myriad of medications are available. Medications are used to treat the symptoms of MS, current attacks, and for preventing relapses from occurring. Most medications for MS are injected into the system, but there are a couple of newer drugs provided through oral means. Researchers are always looking for better medications that will stop the progression of MS, as well as manage symptoms of this disease. Besides the large quantity of medications, physical therapy, individual counseling, group support, and psychological treatments are used to battle Mult Sclerosis.


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