Nobody claims to have found any absolute cures for Multiple Sclerosis but many cures for symptom relief are available from the world of conventional and alternative medicines. MS is a complicated and complex disease and to make matters worse, normal progression has the disease in four distinct stages. Cures for MS are made more difficult because, in part, you do have so many options. Just doing an internet search will leave you with no doubt of that. But it seems that while most patients don’t report finding cures for MS, they do find relief from many of the associated symptoms and that relief is very specific to the individual patient. It is important to understand your own personal battle with the disease and what stage you are in, what symptoms cause you, personally, the most problems and what has not worked for you. Which drug side effects are you willing to live with and which are you not? Answer these questions then have a conversation with your doctor.


Holistic cures for Multiple Sclerosis is your best alternative search pursuit


The holistic cures for Multiple Sclerosis are varied and many. The idea is that you don’t just treat the symptoms but that you go after the root cause or source of the disease. You treat the whole body and in doing so treat the disease, symptoms, and side effects all at once. Most patients find this beneficial but are reluctant to bring up the topic with their doctor. This is understandable because as soon as you bring up the topic of any alternative cures for MS, the doctor’s first reaction is usually to dismiss them. They will usually cite the lack of scientific evidence as the first reason to be dismissive. And there is generally less research documented on alternative cures for Multiple Sclerosis because of the holistic approach. There is not one “product” used in the holistic approach. The lack of any product means there is not a manufacturer of the product that stands to profit from success. And without a profit motive, the research money is not available to conduct trials to obtain the scientific evidence. It’s a kind of vicious circle that there doesn’t seem to be an easy way out of.

To think it doesn’t require money to gather this evidence and conduct research is naive. These trials cost millions upon millions of dollars. And even if you are anti-corporate or anti-big pharma, the need for research money cannot be ignored.

But there is enough evidence to show benefit in alternative cures for Multiple Sclerosis. And you should pursue a holistic approach to fighting your own battle with MS. If your doctor isn’t even open to discussing some of these alternative treatments with you and supervise you as you try some, perhaps it is time to look for a new doctor.