Control MLS (Multiple Sclerosis) by simply modifying the way you eat and live. Conventional medicine offers an array of heavy- duty drugs that may work, but with a chronic disorder such as MLS, negative side effects often complicate the disease in the long run. Don’t rely solely on your medication to bring you back to health. Healing is a holistic endeavor that must include a change of lifestyle to help you along your journey.

Multiple Sclerosis is the wearing away of the myelin sheath, a fatty substance that coats the nerves and brain. The immune system mistakenly identifies the fatty substance that develops from infancy, to be a toxic substance and begins to attack it. As a result, the central nervous system cannot carry out signals throughout the body properly. One may experience a loss of muscle control, numbness and tingling, loss of balance and coordination, double vision, fatigue, and mental deterioration.


Control MLS: Diet, Stress, and Rest


Get plenty of rest and aim for a good night’s sleep that is uninterrupted. During deep sleep, the body, nearly all body functions are shutdown and it is when much of regeneration and healing takes place. Take brief naps during the day when you feel especially fatigued. Moderate exercise has been shown to benefit those with chronic illness. It is important that, if you have not been active for a while, to get back into it gradually. A sudden return to intense activity will overburden your body and work against healing. The symptoms of MS intensify when body temperature is higher so it is important that you cool down after a workout. Use cool running water when you shower to bring your temperature back down.

Stress worsens MS, so use a variety of techniques to relieve your stress. Yoga, Tai Chi, massage, and meditation work wonders to calm a frazzled body and mind.

Diet is fundamental to good health and quick healing. We get vital nutrients from our foods that our body needs to get strong. However, not all foods are created equal. When you have a chronic disorder such as MS, it is wise to steer clear from processed foods such as refined sugars and packaged foods loaded with additives that may aggravate the immune system even more. Choose organic meats and poultry, fruits and vegetables when you can.

Finally, nothing beats a positive attitude. Healing begins in the mind and you can’t get there if you don’t first believe that you have a chance. So, take control of your life…and you will ultimately take control of MS.