There are many beginning symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis which let people know they need to see a doctor right away. The immune system actually causes the beginning symptoms of MS. Multiple Sclerosis is considered to be an autoimmune disease because the body’s immune system is at fault for damaging nerves within the body. Genetics, environmental factors, hormones, and viruses are some of the instigators of MS. The immune system is designed to fend off illnesses and help the body to remain healthy. In the case of MS, the immune system damages the nerves of the brain and spinal cord, thus causing a number of problems.

Sclerosis basically means ‘scar tissue’, which is how MS got its name. This disease damages brain and spinal cord nerves to the point where multiple scars or lesions are covering the surface. These lesions can sometimes be seen in an MRI scan, but they may not appear until the disease is in an advanced stage. It’s best to know what beginning symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis are, so you can seek treatment right away.


Additional Common Symptoms of MS Early on


Common beginning symptoms of MS people tend to mention are; double vision, blurred vision, eye pain, muscle weakness, and a lack of coordination. The further along MS gets, the more intense these symptoms become and the more likely new ones will appear.

Eye problems are the result of what is known as ‘optic neuritis’, which means the optic nerve has become inflamed. The inflammation occurs when the body’s immune system strips the myelin from the optic nerve. Problems with the eye generally don’t involve both eyes at the same time and blindness from MS is rare.

Muscle weakness and a lack of coordination are attributed to the demyelination of the nerves sending signals between the muscles and the brain. Once this outer coating has been stripped away, the nerves produce electrical signals that are very inefficient, so the brain cannot tell the muscles how to move properly.

Additional symptoms people have experienced in the beginning stage of MS include; slurred speech, difficulty thinking, and sudden paralysis of one or more limbs. These beginning symptoms of MS aren’t very common. However, if you find yourself having any of these beginning symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, it’s best to see your doctor right away. A diagnosis can be made based on certain criteria and treatment can begin. The sooner you begin treatments, the less chance there will be of your immune system making matters worse.


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